About Us

Management Cornerstones Inc. has invested its time and talent in helping nonprofits and their communities flourish. The development and management of nonprofit organizations and support of the sector has been the hallmark of our services.


Management Cornerstones Inc. grew from a nine-year, private consulting practice of Patricia Wyzbinski, and was officially launched in Chicago in April 1984. Co-founders Patricia Wyzbinski and Scott Gelzer have provided training and consultation services to over 4,000 nonprofits nationwide. In 1997, the firm moved north and re-established itself in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After a 4-year residence in Lake Geneva, the office is currently located in De Soto, Wisconsin.


Our craft has been distinguished by:

  • Creating original tools, including handouts, kits, training, podcasts, electronic tools and a phone app, to support organizations and the sector
  • Developing partnerships with businesses, educational institutions, foundations, and nonprofits
  • Advocating for improvements in nonprofit organizations and the nonprofit sector.

We use a hands-on approach designed to stimulate growth, understanding and empowerment. Through partnership we spawn creative ideas that strengthen nonprofit organizations and the sector through: consultation, training, publications, and management audits. We have developed groundbreaking technology-based resources to support the work of nonprofits, their staffs and volunteers, and the sector.


In its current form as Management Cornerstones Next Chapter LLC, the organization is guided by Scott Gelzer, who works closely with partners on major projects.  For more information, check out our projects and bios on the website.  If you have questions, please use the contact us form.